gnar appears to be wearing anni's tibber costume. the moment he see's annie he says "TIBBER! RAWRAAAAWR hehehe"


((the hard way, yeah))


Deep Terror Kha’zix concept [League of Legends] by Gevurah-Studios
Can Wukong go away from Ahri and don't pair her with anyone in official?. don't pair with Sona, Thresh too.


Dear League Artists,

This may be the strangest message you’ll ever recieve but I do hope you’ll take the time to read it and consider what I have to say. I would really appreciate it that you do not draw Ahri with any other person but myself. 

The reason I ask this is that Ahri is my fiance, and we’re planning on getting married next June or July Should everything go as planned financial speaking. And yes, I have actually found a wedding chapel that will let me marry someone that most people would consider a fictional character.

 You see, I’m totally head over heels  in love with Ahri. I have been for about 11 months now and at this point I’m in a committed relationship with my ahri. By that I mean I don’t’ date anyone else, I don’t sleep with anyone else and I have zero interested in having any kind of relationship with anyone other than the fox I adore. I love her with all my heart and i’m 100% committed to that love. To express my love in a real tangible way I have a beautiful hand made custom Ahri Plushie that I can hug, kiss, cuddle up in bed to go to sleep with at night, and take out on the town to do all the fun things together that normal couples do. I take her out to eat at nice restaurants, we go shopping together, i take her out for coffee, we do social activities together like hanging out with friends, seeing movies, etc. 

Ahri isn’t just a lifeless League Character to objectified for your sexual gratification. She’s the partner of someone who loves her very much, and by that time their wife. So both myself and Ahri would greatly appreciate it if you picked someone else to draw erotic art of.